Sunday, January 13, 2013

So yah

So yah

No excuses for being away from this journal for a few years. I spent a very small part of this morning reading an old online journal from 2000 or so. It was nice catching up with myself. I was sooooo moody in my early 30's.

I had a nice lunch with a friend of mine yesterday. I met him this past year, and I only see him when he drives up from down south. It was nice to see him again. It reminded me of how much I miss male companionship. Not love, or a relationship, just the companionship.

I had someone ask me out last week, but I have no desire to date him. He is a nice guy, but we have nothing in common, and I know he is just no my type. Add to that the fact that I have already told him that I have no desire to date ANYONE now, he still asks me out every time I see him. He will say things like "I will keep asking until you tell me to stop asking you." Well, every time you ask me I say "No" and you keep asking me. I would not mind grabbing a beer with him and watching a game or something, but knowing he wants to "date" me would make me uncomfortable.

Anyway...back to the lunch from yesterday. We were laughing a lot and joking about strange things and the people at the table next to us kept laughing at our conversation. When we left I said "Sorry you had to listen to us during your lunch," but they smiled and said it was "entertaining." That is what I miss. I dread the "let's have dinner and get to know each other" crap.

But, he is gone now, and I will have to wait a few months to see him again.

On a wonderful beloved 14.75 year old cat is coming back to my house tomorrow. He is with my Mom (since 1/2) due to his being diagnosed with (non-operational) intestinal lymphoma :-( He has a follow up appointment with his vet (near my Mom) and she is bringing him back up tomorrow. He is not in pain and everything (body function wise) is working, so I am going to treat everyday with him as a wonderful miracle and let him tell me when he is ready to go.

I know he is older (his older brother is 16.5) but it is still hard to say goodbye to him. I know he had the best possible life he could ever have with me. I adopted him from the shelter when he was six weeks old.

Live and love is all we can do sometimes!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Wow-- almost a whole year...

if only something exciting had kept me away. But no...simply slacking.

Before I start... can the people on INTERVENTION not know that their final interview is their INTERVENTION?? I have yet to find anyone who does not watch the show, yet every flipping episode they are shocked when their final interview in an intervention. I realize that their "issues" may be affecting their "memory" or "thinking process" but come on -- really?

Anyway -- I am still overworked and underwhelmed...and fat, so back to veganism for me :-) I do not understand why I go back to dairy and eggs. I give them up, I take them back. It is a love / hate relationship.

To be honest, I think it is laziness. Veganism requires a lot of effort, and money and I am lazy and unmotivated most of the time. I miss summer and the fresh fruit / veggies of the season.

What I really want is a Reece's Peanut Butter Egg and a cheese pizza, but I digress!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

So I have been staying in L.A. for almost two long and smoggy months, and the only "celebrity" I have seen is Phoebe Price. I only know who she is because she is on PerezHiltons website sometimes. She was eating lunch outside (with a friend) at a restaurant at the end of Rodeo drive on Saturday. I told my cousin that I thought she was Phoebe Price and my cousin said to me, "I thought she was trying to focus attention on herself."
There you are ladies and gentleman -- the only celebrity sighting in eight weeks...Phoebe Price!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

To live and die in L.A.

So, I got a new job. Part of said job is spending the next two months (minus weekends) in the Los Angeles area for training. I am already pretty sick of the "living in hotels" aspect of it, but I am really LOVING my new job. For the first time in a LONG time, I look forward to going to work.
I do get lonely though, since I am a total attention whore, and I do not have anyone to hang out with while I am here. I am kinda far from my co-workers, and the other people being trained are really far away. I am meeting up with a friend for dinner tomorrow night, and am really looking forward to it.
If anyone has any suggestions for things to do in L.A., let me know :-)
Yes, that is Willa wearing a skeleton shirt -- my Mom got it for her for Valentines Day!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Men I should have married

I have been addicted to facebook lately. (Let me know if you want to know who I am there). In part because I have a reunion coming up this year, and it makes me think about all of the people I did not give the possibility (of anything romantic) because I was dating "the loser" for so many of my prime years. It made me think about all of the men I should have married (not counting the one I divorced of course!)

Scott: Polite and well mannered. Spoke three languages fluently. He lived around the corner from me, and we went to school together. When I was 20 or so, I ran into him while walking to the end of a very long line to get Paul McCartney tickets. He was very close to the front of the line and he shouted to me (as I was walking by) and said "It is about time you got off of work and hugged me." (I had not seen him in two years or so). He turned to the guy behind him and said "Sorry, my wife just got off work." So yes, I cut in line and spent the long wait with him. He was leaving out of state the next day, and since it was YEARS before cell phones, we said good-bye and that was it. I looked for him at the concert, but did not see him. I should have married him.

Jeff: We were good friends in the first grade, he moved away, and then moved back in high school. He came back beautiful and shy. He was the "new kid" and I held back on becoming "too close" because I had a "boyfriend." He read books and always held the door open. I should have married him.

Brian: College. Shy frat boy that was in my study group. My friends and I helped him cram for a final, and he bought us all flowers for graduation. He never cussed and was always laughing and just happy in general. I should have married him.

I think I wasted my youth on chasing stupid things. I did not appreciate the small things. The polite shyness of someone who does not want to spend the entire day talking about himself. Boys / men that would walk in front of me to grab the door (car, classroom or whatever). People that had promise and a solid future.

I am really looking forward to my reunion :-)

Monday, February 16, 2009


Thank you for all of your support. I found a new job!! More money and less hours! You guys are the best ;-) The only down side is that I will be traveling for the next three months for training. At least I will be home on the weekends! I am going to save up for a trip across the pond!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

God Bless the Red Star of Satan

So, I am still employed, at least for the time being. The "red star of Satan" has not fired me (yet) but I know it is coming. Everything is down, and I am grateful that I am still on the payroll. I am looking for a new job, and am happy that I do have options.
It is strange to think of starting a new career at 37. THANK GOD I have a college degree. I am shocked at how many jobs now require a B.A. -- even Admin Assistants!!! I can (if I must) live for about 6-9 months on savings, and can always pick up a temp job (I mean who wouldn't hire a master degreed smart ass?!?!?!) and go from there.
Many of the other people I work with are living paycheck to paycheck and scared that today will be their last day. I feel for them. Struggling and scared and being forced out into an over saturated work market.
AND we are (being the royal we of management) being forced to study a "keep morale high" book which makes me want to puke. My first suggestion was to stop firing people, and maybe morale would stop sinking. The higher ups were not impressed. lol
One good thing about being next on "the list" is that I can say and do what I want. I mean what are they going to me...sooner????